White Cane Week and The Blind Fishing Boat 2010


Lawrence Euteneier, founder of the Blind Fishing Boat Project, an initiative to open up the sport of fishing to the over 11 million people living with vision loss throughout Canada and the U.S., will be delivering the key-note address at this year’s Canadian Sport Fishing Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony.   

“We are extremely pleased to have Mr. Euteneier speak at this year’s awards ceremony”, said Mr. Andrew Pallotta, event organizer and manager of the Toronto Spring Fishing and Boat Show.   

This year’s Sport Fishing Hall of Fame Inductees include Reno Viola, Angelo Viola, Bruce Park and John Kerr.  Recipient of the Amsbury award is Dave Mercer.

Mr. Euteneier, Blind professional angler, fishing tournament competitor and world-wide blind fishing adventure organizer, is highly regarded as a public speaker known for his compelling personal story of living with progressive vision loss.   

“Fishing is a sport ideally suited to those who rely on the sense of touch”, says Lawrence Euteneier, “after-all, people only get to see the fish after they are caught”.  


Time: Friday morning February 12 from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m.   

Location: International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, Malton, ON     

Mr. Euteneier earned his Masters in Environmental Studies at York University in 1994, and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal from Canada’s Governor General in 2006 for his ground breaking work in the field of innovation to address disability and literacy.  Mr. Euteneier is also the developer of the world’s first fishing boat that can be independently operated by a person without sight. 


In 1921, a photographer named James Biggs, of Bristol, England was blinded in an accident.  Released from hospital, he had the idea of painting his cane white so it could be easily seen at night.  The advantages of the white cane soon became apparent as people alerted to Biggs’ blindness assisted his movements with guidance and warning of obstacles.  Biggs’ innovation soon became an internationally accepted symbol of blindness.  White Cane Week is co-sponsored by the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB) and the CNIB.   

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