Walleye Fishing and Blind Tournaments



   I am a member of the CNIB and would like to have some informations if available. I would like to know if there are any fishing tournament for blind people
in Ontario or Quebec for bass  or walleye.for 2010. 

   Would you have two or three  good suggestions for walleye fishing in Ontario we would like to plan a trip for next year if possible. 

      Thanks  in advance Roger

Hi Roger,

There is the Pike / Walleye tournament called “Blind Anglers International Tournament” in late May.


Regarding Walleye lakes in Ontario, the best are in Western Ontario – visit the following site for more information


There are also some great Walleye fisheries in the North Bay area and just east of North Bay into Quebec.  Bush Country Camp on Lake Sassaginega comes to


Hope to run into you at the 2010 BAIT event next spring. 

Anchors up,


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