Tying Fishing line Knots Blind


Hey my name is Jonas, I was looking for some resources  to teach myself how to tie better fishing knots, don’t what to be stuck with the old fisherman’s knot!

I found 1 or 2 YouTube videos that are somewhat descriptive but not very many.

I do not have any one that can see to show me!


Hi Jonas, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Try this Uni-knot for a starter:
or this one on the Double Surgeon’s Knot:
Or a tip on Threading fishing line through guides and hook eyes:

The trick with all these is to maintain gentle pressure on all the different lines your working with so you can feel them with your fingers. It’s not easy to feel thin fishing line if it’s just slack. Let the fishing rod lean against something so it pulls gently on the line. If you’re tying on a leader, sit on one end so you can maintain gentle pressure. Don’t be afraid to use your teeth to grab the tip of the line, but not for cutting – your dentist won’t appreciate seeing the results of that.

Good luck,


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