Talking Tackle Depth Whisperer


This past winter I received an email from one of the founders of Talking Tackle depth Whisperer. This led to our talking by phone and my hearing again a not too uncommon story about the potential benefits of having a talking depth sounder aboard a boat. These guys decided enough talk, and did something about it.

The product they invented is one of the best examples of audio technology being applied to a fish finder that I’ve come across in the past eight years. The voice is pleasant, the controls are simple to understand, and the technology is relatively easy to install. I now use the talker on my HobieCat, Porta-Boat and Ranger fisherman and love it. The nice thing is, so do my fishing buddies.

The technology features:
•Weather and water resistant
•Easily mounted nearly anywhere on boat with DUAL-LOCK tape (provided)
•Cable provided for connection to 12 volt cigarette lighter plug
•Power-on/processor-active indicator
•3.5 mm audio output port for connection to alternative speaker devices
•Volume adjustable too easy to hear 85 decibel output
•Verbal output menu selection system
•Customizable time interval between VERBAL depth announcements
•Customizable VERBAL Shallow Water Alert and Bottom Structure Alert
•VERBAL Low Boat Battery Alarm
•Tracks Bottom up to 450 feet

Yes, you read correctly, this device will even tell you if your cranking battery is starting to run low – how cool is that.

For more information about this technology I strongly suggest you visit their website where you can see and hear it function for yourself.

Anchors up, Lawrence

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  1. Stumble on you on the Internet totally blind getting ready to take my little boy fishing. We travel with the motorhome going to use the porta boat and some of your fishing accessories.. Are you using Sendero product for GPS.

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