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Who’s Making Talking Depth Sounders?

I too am a low vision fisherman who read your article.  I contacted Realtime Control, the manufacturer of the Marine Talker, talking depth sounder in Australia.  They no longer are manufacturing the talker modem.  I still need to find a talking depth sounder.  Do you know of any other companies who manufacture a talking depth sounder system?


Welcome aboard Glen,

It’s unfortunate that Realtime in Australia is no longer producing the Marine Talker.  They produced 10 and I purchased the last one in December.  Nice little unit.  I’m pairing it up with an Airmar P66 smart traducer, which should give me talking depth, speed over water, and water temperature. 

Realtime produced this technology to comply with NMEA 0183 standard sentences.  For the past eight years the standard has been NMEA 2000. 

I’ve had a Canadian developer of talking devices fooling around with a Lowrance fishfinder that was suppose to output NMEA 2000, but sadly, this wasn’t the case – I think it receives NMEA sentences only.  We are pushing ahead however, to produce a new NMEA 2000 talker.  Estimated timing is end of June, but one never knows. 

I’ll keep you posted of advancements in this regard.  In the mean time, if you would care to submit an article on your favourite fishing technique, I’d be happy to post it on Blind Fishing Boat so that others might benefit from any customization or tricks you’ve adopted to compensate for your visual impairment.

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