Talking Tackle Depth Whisperer

Following Bottom Contours with Sound


The Talking Tackle Depth Whisperer is a handy little automation that provides intuitive audible feedback on important depth changes. I’ve been assisting its inventor for the past several years to get the technology just right, including a plug-and-play version that takes advantage of the NMEA output produced by most modern fish finder sonar devices such as the Lowrance HDS 7 Gen III touch screen sounders that come as standard equipment on the Ranger Fisherman series of multi-species boats. I get…

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Questions from a blind kayak enthusiast


Hi Lawrence, This is XX from San Francisco. I found your website while I was searching about how to set up a boat that blind people can operate. I am a blind ocean enthusiast. I frequently go fishing and kayaking in and around the SF Bay Area. For A while I have been thinking to set up a fishing kayak that I can paddle solo. I read about your porta boat set up and I am wondering what kind of…

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