Setting up the Depth Whisperer with a Lowrance Fish Finder


Hi Lawrence,

My name is Teri and my husband is legally blind and used to love to fish just recently he decided to give it another try. While on the internet he found your site with your product the Whisperer.

My question is will the Whisperer work with any fish finder or just certain models and brands like the Lowrence brand?

If so which model number do you use?

Also, how do you hook them together to talk with one another without a second transponder?

I am interested in both of these items as Christmas presents and I know nothing about fishing!

Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.

Happy Holidays


Hi Teri,

Any fish finder that puts out NMEA0183 sentences will communicate with the Talking Tackle Depth Whisperer sold in the U.S. You only need to connect two wires from the Whisperer to the fish finder, but first you need to identify which two wires on the fish finder are the NMEA0183 wires – check manual on line.

The fish finder itself will have options on NMEA0183. Turn on Depth Below Keel, and set the rest to off.

With one wire connecting the Whisperer to the depth sounder, and a second wire connecting the Whisperer to a cigarette lighter, you are good to go. You can set a Lowrance to simulator mode so you can test it on your driveway.

I also like to set the audible fish alarms on my Lowrance to on as it can tell me with different beeps and clicks if there are bait under the boat, clicks equal baitfish, a single beep equals small fish, and a double beep  equals a large fish.

I fish from the back of the boat and by using the Whisperer and fish alert setting on my Lowrance, I always know how deep the water is below my feet and if there is a fish down there.

Good luck!


  1. George Tice says:

    I’m a blind Angler and I would love to use a audio on a Fish Finder. I’ve contacted every Fish Finder Company asking if they will or even thinking about making one that will talk to us. Each and everyone said NO not interested even thinking of it.

    • admin says:

      Good morning George,

      There was one company that did make a talking depth sounder for larger pleasure craft to aid captains in busy ports when it’s necessary to watch everything that’s going around, but unfortunately Bead Electronics never sold many — I picked u up a few on E-Bay but was never able to get them operational.

      In addition to the Talking Tackle Depth Whisperer, that I plug in to the back of my Lowrance, I turn on the audio fish alerts on the Lowrance itself. I find the two work well together, the first reads the depth, and the second notifies me when there is a fish or baitfish below the boat.


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