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Web Site:

George Ibbott, owner of One1Site.Com, proved to be of tremendous assistance to me in not only designing and building my website, but in helping me to think outside the box on a number of design / service offerings.  It was with George’s encouragement and challenging yet respectful suggestions that I conceived the idea of expanding the web site to include reports of my fishing experiences so that other fishers without sight can benefit from my learnings.  A third category that will soon be implemented on the site is product reviews.  Reporting on my experiences with various commercial fishing / boating technologies will hopefully assist others to make intelegent choices when shopping for new or used gear.  The forth and final category of posts / reports that can be found on the site involve tips and tricks.  Things like a narrative description of how to tie different knots, how to fish different techniques,etc. will be included.  These will are either written by me or links provided to what I think are other excellent descriptions that rely on words rather than visuals to tell the story. 

Internet Affiliations:

Two important web affiliations transpired over the 2007 season.  The first was with Fish-Hawk.Net.  The Blind Fishing boat is now an “Information Partner” on the Fish-Hawk site, which means their 5,000 members will receive notices and links to my web site, and I’ll have 2-3 articles published on Fish-Hawk each year. 

A second affiliation is with the International Blind Sailing Organization.  Eight countries currently have blind sailing clubs and international  races are held each three years.  The International Blind Sailing Organization is very interested in my work in this area as the cross-over potential of my research to their sport is very high.  I’ve been invited to showcase my Boat and related technologies at their March 2009 international sailing competition, and links to the Blind fishing boat web site have been added to many of their national member websites . 

2008 Enhancements:

A number of new subject areas will be added to the Blind fishing boat website in early 2008.  These new areas, in addition to what’s already on the site, will assist me in accomplishing the following objectives:

  • Field trialing fishing and boating equipment and publishing reports on what works well for fishers without sight;
  • Writing and publishing articles on relevant fishing techniques;
  • Attending boating / fishing shows to exhibit unique or modified equipment;
  • Participating in fishing tournaments and other public events with the “Blind Fishing Boat”;
  • Listing links to resource-rich websites that are screen-reader friendly for users of talking computers;
  • List of references / endorsements;
  • Referrals to outfitters and guides with relevant experience and services; and,
  • Showcasing innovations that enhance the fishing/boating experience of fishers without sight.

The Porta-bote official website will be adding a page to their site with a brief bio of my project and a link to the blind fishing Boat website.  This link will also be shared among their international distributors many of whom will also ad the page to their own sites.

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