Closed-Face Spincast Reels – the “Blind” Anglers Baitcaster…


Plans for the up-coming season include reviewing new and old spincast (closed face) reels.  This style of reel is ideally suited for those who like to have the line pass between their finger and thumb while retrieving baits.  While open face spinning reels might be great for retrieving spinner and crank baits, they don’t allow for line fingering during retrieval because of the looping action of the line produced by the bail arm.  Bait casters would certainly meet this need but one needs to be able to see the bait while casting to avoid back-lashes, which is something not everyone can do. 

I’m going to evaluate the different brands and models of spincast reels and publish reports on the better reels on BlindFishingBoat.Com.  If you know of or own a reel you think I should review, post a comment or send me an email.  If you want to sell it, let me know.


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