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I’ve always owned a boat. From an 8-foot plywood punt my father and I built in the back yard, to the Ranger 619 Fisherman I now use for competing in tournaments, I’m happiest on the water. However, it hasn’t always been easy to keep my dream alive.

In my early 20′s I lost the ability to navigate on the water due to further deterioration of my vision. It meant an end to driving my 12-foot aluminum boat and canoe. I didn’t give up , and by working with a number of mainstream and assistive technology companies over the past 20 years, I now possess the technology to independently operate my HobieCat kayak and plastic folding Porta-Bote.

I’m always tinkering with the latest devices and conducting sea trials aboard all manner of watercraft. From talking GPS and compasses to beeping obstacle detectors and fish finders, I now have the ability to get out on the water and back again. This blog is where I right it all down, good and bad, so others might benefit from my experience.

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