Blind Fishing Boat 2012- Feel The Bite! Exhibitions / Seminars

  • 12 days of Boat / sportsman shows have been booked for the Blind Fishing Boat to exhibit at so far this year.
  • 14 “Feel The Bite” seminars have been confirmed.


  • 10 Walleye tournament series organized by Ottawa Regional Walleye League
  •  6 B.A.S.S. Master competitions with Ottawa Valley South BASS Masters
  •  2 ice fishing tournaments
  •  Berkley B1 Bass tournament
  •  Renegade Pro-Am
  •  Ranger / Stratos Invitational
  • Blind Anglers International Tournament
  • Wendover Walleye Classic


  • OutDoors Unlimited Magazine – 200,000 — 6 articles
  • Gary Yamamoto Inside Line – 100,000 – 6 articles
  • Lindy Audio Reports – 500,000 visitors — weekly
  • Ontario Fishing Network Magazine – 20,000 – 12 articles
  • Blind Fishing Boat .Com / Feel the Bite .Ca – 100,000 – 30 articles
  • National Pro .Com – 30,000 – 6 articles
  • Ontario Carp Fishing .Com – 20,000 – 6 articles

Blind Fishing Buddies:

As a member of the CNIB Lake Joseph Centre’s Board and the lead on organizing the annual fishing camp for their 96 weekly blind vacationers, the Blind Fishing Boat will have plenty of opportunities to directly reach out to others living with vision loss.  Combined with my assisting   with organizing the annual “Blind Anglers International Tournament”, and it should all add up to a whole lot of new Blind Fishing Buddies hitting the water in 2012.


After working hard researching, planning, organizing and featuring in the production of a documentary on  fishing, it’s now in the hands of the editors.  We know we will be doing some clean-up filming this spring/summer, but all looks good for the official release some time this fall.

Finally, like fishing one never knows what’s around the next bend in the river or point of land.  Stay tuned, and remember to keep watch for the “Best and Worst of Tred Barta” episode I filmed with Tred in Guatemala fishing for Sails now being aired on NBC Sports Outdoors.

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