Blind Adventurer Turns His “Sights” on Canada


Blind Adventurer, Miles Hilton-Barber, will Travel to Canada to hook-up with Lawrence Euteneier, Captain of the world’s first fishing boat for the blind, for some Canadian blind fishing action.

Miles, recently in the news for piloting an ultra-light plane from London England to Sydney Australia,  HYHYPERLINK will arrive in Canada May 22 to under-take a 9-day fishing Marathon organized by Ottawa native and blind fishing pro, Lawrence Euteneier.

The two blind fishers will first participate in the Blind Anglers International Tournament aboard the Blind Fishing Boat II (BAIT) on the Ottawa River, move north of North Bay to Bush Country Camp on Lake Sasseginega for Lake Trout and Walleye, and then south to the Canadian Carp Club on the St. Lawrence for some monster Carp action.

”I wasn’t that surprised when I got Miles’s phone call as fishers with visual disabilities throughout the world are very interested in the wide variety of excellent fishing opportunities Canada has to offer”, states Lawrence Euteneier.

Fishing resorts like Bush Country Camp and the Canadian Carp Fishing Club recognize the potential market the 11-million legally blind people in Canada and U.S. represent, and have taken steps to cater to this market segment.

Companies such as Shimano Canada, Zebco, Lamiglas and Kistler Rods and Power Pro Line are all assisting the Blind Fishing Boat initiative to support fishers with limited or no sight

Laurentian Marine and Evinrude have teamed up in support of the Blind Fishing boat II.

“After all”, says Lawrence Euteneier, “sighted or not, fishing is all about pursuing the unseen”.

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  1. Don Mason says:

    A Geoff Hilton Barber sailed for South Africa at Fremantle in the1994 world Blind Sailing Championship. A B2 blind sport grading, he later sailed single handed Capetown to Fremantle and competed in Capetown to Rio ocean races Is Miles any relation?

    We have lost contact

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