AutoTether Testimonial

“As a person without sight I’m always thinking of ways to minimize risk and maximize my opportunities to enjoy the out-of-doors. My development of the world’s first fishing boat for the blind has resulted in an interesting blend of technology and innovative problem solving, and has been made possible with the generous support of a number of sponsors.

When I first learned of the AutoTether technology I knew right away this was a safety device I couldn’t be without, and when the good folks at AutoTether agreed to support my initiative, I was pleased to say the least. The AutoTether technology not only provides an element of safety to the rest of my passengers, but gives me the assurance that my co-pilot is in the boat with me at all times. The alert buttons on the sensors further enhance safety by allowing anyone to sound an alert and to stop the engine. Please visit my website at to learn more about my blind boat research or to discover the many ways fishers without sight are enjoying the sport of fishing and boating.”

Lawrence Euteneier
Blind Fishing Boat
Ottawa, Ont. Canada

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  1. Clive Stevenson says:

    What a neat idea… I shall certainly be including this in the equipment of the boat I am starting to plan and I think that ‘Blind At Sea’, my local Sailing Club, will be very interested to follow this up with a view to incorporating it on at least some of their boats!

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