Albright Knot


For joining braid to mono backing or floral leaders.   Always a good idea to add 20 yards of mono backing to your reel before spooling the braid to avoid the braid slipping on the spool.

Double over your mono about 12”. Pass about 12” of braid through the loop made in the mono. Place your index finger over the braid between the looped mono and apply pressure with your middle finger and thumb.  Hold the tag end and main line of the mono between your teeth to maintain gentle pressure on the doubled up section of mono.  Wrap the braid around the doubled-up mono working away from your index finger 20-25 times.

Before tightening the Braid wraps, pass the tag end of the braid through the loop where the mono is doubled over by your index finger.  Pull the braid tight working the loops down the mono so they stack up tight and even. Cut off the tag end of the mono. Now bring the tag end of the braid up along side the main braid line. Working back towards the knot, wrap the braid tag around the main braid line four times.
Wrap the braid around the main line only by passing through the loop formed by the doubled-up braid.  Pull the braid tight and cut off the tag.

You now have a long but slim knot that will pass easily through your rod guides.

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