In addition to blogging about his experiences on the water as North America’s only professional blind fisher aboard the world’s first boat capable of being operated by people without sight, Lawrence Gunther Euteneier has evolved a number of services modeled on his personal philosophy, experience and research.  “Motivational Speaking” allows Lawrence to inspire others and offer guidance on how each and every one of us can become contributing members of our communities. “Outdoor Accessibility” provides guidance to service providers and budding outdoor enthusiasts to re-establish connections between people and Canada’s marine ecosystems.

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Motivational Speaking

Lawrence has experienced the on-set of blindness on no less than three occasions. His ability to “make lemonade from lemons” is truly inspiring. However, Lawrence’s highly engaging presentation style is more than a recitation of his personal hardships. He has a message to pass on that he learned from personal experience and nine-years of post-secondary studies – “get along”. It’s not about world peace. It’s about learning to find a way to fit into society and contribute meaningfully. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses – it’s just a matter of finding a way of bringing your own strengths to the table, while at the same time, learning to live life so that your weaknesses no longer count.


Outdoor Accessibility

Human evolution from “hunter-gatherer, to agriculturalist and now “champion of industry”, has broken our connection with nature. This void has left our marine ecosystems defenceless against the negative consequences of decisions being taken by those responsible for advancing Canada’s various industries. The over-harvesting of marine life from our lakes, rivers and oceans taking place with the tacit approval of the silent majority is an example of just how far much of the human race has shifted away from our previously powerful connection to water. Creating avenues for people to re-establish direct connections with marine ecosystems is a key step towards people exercising sustainable lifestyle choices. However, avoiding human contact with carefully selected examples of these systems is not the solution. People need to have ready access to nature in order to re-learn how they fit within the marine ecosystem so they might, once again, reintegrate and become part of the systems we, on mass, currently know so little about.

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