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The Blind Fishing Boat was conceived  in 2007 by blind professional angler Lawrence Gunther. Lawrence continues to develop, integrate and sea-trial the latest orientation and navigation aids and technologies, both assistive and accessible mainstream devices – from audible sonar and way-finding, to talking depth sounders, compasses and GPS. Lawrence also draws on his experience using non-visual senses as a winner of an international blind sailing regatta and summers spent fishing aboard homemade wooden dories. Whether you are blind or visually impaired, using a kayak, canoe or small boat, Lawrence’s Blind Boating Blog, videos and audio recordings, offer valuable sea-trial results and tips. (Caution, never operate any watercraft that you can’t propel yourself.) If, after reading the Blind Boating Blog, you still have questions or you want to share a navigation tip, email Lawrence at: Info@BlindFishingBoat.com

Blind Fishing Blog

All fishers fish “blind” in that most fish are caught before they are seen. Blind / low vision recreational anglers have an advantage in that we focus on tactile information being transmitted to our hands. Blind professional angler Lawrence Gunther has competed in over 150 fishing tournaments and generally out-competes the majority of his sighted competitors most of the time, with numerous top-ten and 1st place finishes to his credit. Lawrence’s Blind Fishing Blog explains everything you need to know about fishing with low or no sight, including how to select, organize and master the latest mainstream fishing innovations. If you still have questions after reading the Blind Fishing Blog, or you have a fishing tip you want to pass along, or if you are seeking inspiration for yourself or someone who is experiencing vision loss, send an email to Lawrence at: Info@BlindFishingBoat.com

Watch this short video of Lawrence as he assembles his Blind Fishing Boat, navigate his way out onto the lake, and catch a 30-inch Northern Pike.

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